Current Booking of Seva's tickets in Tirumala Cro Office

     Now a days the seva tickets that are giving in a current booking in vijaya bank counter at Cro Tirumala are cancelled.  Earlier it was like that Unjal Seva(Dolotsavam), Arjitha Brahmotsavam, Vasnthosavam and Sahasra Deepalankara seva's we will get at Cro Tirumala one day before at morning 07:00am onwords in current booking.  But all the seva's are cancelled and it has been attached to internet booking.

     Only Unjal Seva (Dolotsavam) 25 tickets are available in current booking at Cro Tirumala.

For further details contact our call center: 0877-22777777,2233333. 

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  1. Hello Sir!!

    Can you please post the lucky dip tickets available for November 2016.

    1. Govinda Govinda

      Sorry for my delay replay. It has been updated.

      Thanks & Regards

    2. Thank you Sir!!!

      You are doing a great help to all devotees!!

    3. Govinda Govinda

      Thank for the support...

  2. Sir, can I get any get any Kalayanotvam, currently at Cro office

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.