How to book a E-Accommodation at new ttd portal ( New Web site).

How to book a E-Accommodation at new ttd portal ( New Web site).

     TTD has lunched new web portal to the convince for the pilgrims to serve better.  We will discuss step by step to how to book a E-Accommodation at new ttd portal.

Step 1.

     Online new portal the web site is  the following is the picture image.

Step 2 :
     First we have to login in the web site, by giving the mail id and password. And the following images is as follows.

Step 3:

  Go to E-Accomodation and click it, we find the next page as the following picture.

Step 4:

     If we are using chrome as browser it will appear like above, or if we are using Mozilla Firefox the images is shows like this..

Step 5: 

    Then we have to click "ADVANCED" in this page.  After that it will open like this in Chrome and in Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox

Step 6:     After that in Mozilla Firefox it appear like this

Step 7: 

     Then please click "Proceed to legacy" or in Mozilla Fire fox as "Add Exception". And click "confirm security Exception"  After that it will open the old web site like this...

After that we can give the Email Id, password and the Secuitry code and proceed to book the accommodation in the web site.

For further details contact our call center: 0877-2277777,2233333.

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  1. Well message, So very much thanks Sir.

  2. I need accommodation at Tirumala on 18th and 19th July-2017.