What is Vasanthotsavam at TTD

Arjita Vasanthotsavam

This seva is conducted in the Vaibhavotsava Mantapam as an arjitam. The seva is offered to Sri Malayappa swami and His consorts daily. Perfumeries are lavishly used to create an ethereal atmosphere. The veda pandits chants Purusha suktam, Sri suktam and other vedic hymns. Abhishekam is done to the Lord and His consorts with sacred water. Later abhishekam is performed with milk, curd, honey and turmeric. Finally, sandal paste is applied to Sri Malayappa Swami and consorts. The duration of the seva is about one hour.

Details of Arjitha Vasanthotsavam in Telugu:

Note: After completion of the seva the pilgrims are allowed for Main Deity Darshan.

For further details contact our call center: 0877-2277777,2233333. 

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  1. Hi,

    Please let me when will be the quote for Vasanthostavam for the month of june 2015 second week.

  2. Sir this vasanthostvam completed see main deity perumal

  3. After vasanthostavam allowed to main deity?

    1. Govinda Govinda

      Yes sir, after vasanthostavam we will allowed to main deity darshan..

      Thanks & Regards

  4. Sir after vasanthostavam.. Where will we be connected for main deity darshnam.. How much time it will take for main darshan