What is Abhishekam at TTD

Abhishekam is done to the mulavigraha (presiding deity) first with water brought from Akasaganga (Suddodakam). The holy water is poured on the Deity through a conch covered with gold. after water the Deity is bathed in milk, folleowe again in water. Then the Lord is anointed with mixture of chandana, saffron and refined champhor. It is followed with a bath in water. The holy saffron tirumanjanam tirtha is collected in a silver vessel for later distribution to devotees. After that ahe Goddess on God's chest receives abhisheka. Abhisheka is traditionally done to the chanting of Purusha sukta, Narayana sukta, srisukta, Nila sukta and select prabandhas.

Details of Abhishekam in Telugu

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