Sunday, 10 February 2013

Senior citizen darshan timings

Senior citizen darshan timings

Darshan Timings:   10:00Am and 03:00 Am.      

Requirements:- 2 Hours before u have to report in Mahadwaram Entrance (Opp to Temple) with  your ID proof.

Eligibility:-       1. Those people who cross 65 they are treated as a senior citizen’s and they can go with this entrance.
                          2. Physical changed person’s also can go with this entrance.
                          3. If  husband age is 65 and wife age is <65 than they can accompany with him.
                          4.  If any major health problem’s, if u can get the doctor certificate, u will permitted to go with this entrance also.

For further details contact our call center : 0877-2277777,2233333.


  1. Some sites say the afternoon Darshan is at 3:00 P.M. Most of them agree on 10 A.M and 10 P.M timings. This needs to be clarified and correct and latest information should be posted. Further, some sites say that one has to be at the Mahadwaram 90 minutes prior to the Darshan timing. Some senior citizens who had this privilege say just 30 minutes is enough. Comprehensive and detailed information would be better to all senior and differently enabled persons who wants to have Darshan.

  2. On 12th December, 2013, my wife and I joined the queue for senior citizens (for the first time in our lives; I am 71) at 8.30 AM. We came out of the temple at 10.30AM after darshan. My query: is there a restriction on the number of such darshans in a particular period? Can I have two such darshans ina month?

  3. Pls tell us how to book online for senior darshan timings , as my parents are senior citizens

    1. Pls tell us in a detailed manner